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Race Radar

With winter upon us, the opportunities to enjoy the sunshine are diminishing a bit. Hopefully you can get a chance to get out and get some fresh air during the week. Winter is a great time to hit the trails now that the dust of the summer has died down. Below, Mocha and Kara run the trails in the sun at Bennington Lake.

XC pics 158.JPG

In team news, we're excited to have a great group of sponsors on board this season and will certainly add a lot of value to a team membership. Fortunately I was also able to get a couple of extra singlets in the order (tried to get a couple extra of the most common sizes that were ordered) so if you didn't order one yet, I might still have one available, assuming you fit the sizes I ordered. Prices are $35 dollars for team members, and $43 dollars for non-members, but you're welcome to sign up anytime to get the member price. Here's the final look at the singlet that will be here soon.

singlet design1.jpg

Also, with the winter coming in fast, I've talked to many people who are already starting to anticipate racing next season, but are also taking a look at area races happening right here in the next month or two. I'll be making some updates to the team event calendar soon that will hopefully include some regularly occuring group workouts as well as area events.

There are a number of people on the team who've already discussed making a group trip to the Cable Bridge Run in Pasco on December 20. This event features 10k and 5k distance races, would be a fun "opening race" for our club. We should also have the team singlets here by that time, so would be a great way to introduce the team to the southeastern washington running scene. You can find the race posted on event calendar page here on the website if you look in December, or go directly to the website:

Hope everyone get a chance to get outside for some fresh air this weekend.

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